HMI Overview

An HMI, is the interface in a manufacturing/processing control system. Refined Motion's HMI provides a visual display and monitoring of the system. This allows for the Operator to monitor the performance of the robotic system they are working with; manually overriding the default system process by simple presses to the HMI monitor display screen.

HMI Integration - Logging in

All of Refined Motion's HMI software protocols require a mandated login through a 128-bit encyrpted password-protected socket, before accessing the homepage of the HMI. After a brief period of non-activity, the Operator will be logged out and will have to repeat their login process before viewing/working on the HMI control screen. This in turn protects the Operator from accidents with the integrated robotic system.

HMI Integrated Systems

After logging in, the Operator is directed to the home screen of their HMI. From here, the Operator will be able to review the performance of their robotic system and can enable/disable certain functions of their robot. HMI programs will vary, depending on the size and layout of the application the HMI is being coded into. Overall, all HMIs developed by Refined Motion have the ultimate hands-on user experience for the Operator.

HMI User Interface

From the details page, the Operator can enable/disable certain functions of their robotic systems integrated with Refined Motions HMI. This page is where most overrides will occur by the Operator whereas the homepage of the HMI will be for mainly monitoring progress and the system's operating performance. The home and details page of the HMI will have a master menu function for emergency procedures, such as starting, stopping, and resetting the robotic integrated system.